Stephen Green Supports Rape Within Marriage

For some reason I’m on the Christian Voice newsletter list. There latest missive refered to an article about the Nick Clegg’s non-comment about bigots opposed to gay marriage rights.

Normally when I post in the comments of Christian Voice I am moderated then deleted but for some reason a few comments got through this time. I had a short exchange with Andrew, who by his comment and avatar appears to be a Christian. He brought up that old canard that atheists have no basis for their morality. This frankly fatuous remark always annoys me and I repled with “I will take my evolved ethics any day over a ‘morality’ which says that rape within marriage should be legal.” (Stephen Green is well known for his view that rape within marriage is not a crime)

At this point Stephen Green no-less chipped in with this little gem.

And I shall take Christian morality any day over those who approve of individuals of either sex using the withdrawal of conjugal relations as a weapon against their marital partner.

I have come across Mr Green’s revolting hateful theology before but I must admit to being a little shocked that he thought it wise to voice his justification of rape in public.

I’ve posted the entire exchange below just incase. No more comments from me though, My comments are being moderated then deleted. He obviously doesn’t like my bigoted remarks again rape advocates.

Just for the record, my redacted remark was

I’m shocked to see you actually voice an opinion in support of rape. Shocked and appalled.



Unsurprisingly, Mr Green has edited his odious comment. You’ll notice that he is still claiming that “domestic violence statistics  shows there are as many overbearing wives as husbands”  Christian objective morality. I’m fairly sure that making shit up counts as “Bearing false witness”.

…I’m still blocked from making comments on Christian Voice. :-(

<— another edit —>

I received an email from Steven Green where he stated that he was not supporting rape within marriage in his original statement. Given the text of the post I’m not really sure that he can deny it but hey, there you go.  I’m posting this statement from the Christian Voice website for clarity of their/his position. It is part of a post called Britain in Sin listing all the un biblical things that are being done in the UK.