Well That’s Not Gonna Work!

Back to Blighty via the delights of the the Rotterdam to Hull ferry I came across these interesting sea sickness “treatments” in the ferry shop.

Firstly the Sea Band, touted as ‘The Natural Choice for Nausea Relief” and as “drug free travel sickness relief for children” In the pack is an elasticated strap with a button thing which presses against an ‘acupressure point’. The pack explains how it ‘works’.

How it works: Sea Band works using acupressure. The band can be put onto your child’s wrists before you start travelling, or at any time during your journey. Sea Band takes between two and five minutes to become effective. A better result is achieved if the band is in place before the journey commences.”

Yeah. Sure. Magic pressure points cure sea sickness.

Next we have…

Travella, homeopathic remedy!

Ingredients:  6c homeopathic potency of Apomorph, Staphisagnia, Cocculus, Theridion, Petrolium, Tabecum and Nux vomica.

I like the last ingredient best!

Luckily the sea was flat calm so I didn’t need to rely on either of these quack remedies.

10 thoughts on “Well That’s Not Gonna Work!

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    • Nobody could possibly be this ignorant and stupid.It’s deliberate, and it’s deliberately destructive. What did they used to say about Communists “boring from within”? He’s a termite in the Church.Shame on you, sir, and hie you to Confession (if you still believe.)

    • En variante, je la fais avec du vin blanc et ce n'est pas mal non plus, je note ce cocktail bière-cidre, ce doit être encore plus léger ! En revanche, je n'aime pas le céleri, je me contenterai de la purée nature ! 😀 Bises♥ Et courage pour ton boulot avec les Fêtes qui approchent, tu dois avoir mal aux pieds…. Bises à Moustachu !^^

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